Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Counting down the days

So yesterday I met with a guy to measure our windows for our shutters and going through the house now so close to completion stage is so exciting. To think that in 12 more sleeps we'll (hopefully) be in the office picking up ours keys really does make me feel like a (big) kid at Christmas.

While I was there yesterday I watched the guys putting in the shelving, fix the bathroom vanity and the plumbers do their bit. The flooring has been delivered ready for installation to be started on Friday and the only other things we are now waiting on are for the glass splashback to be installed and the Argus guys to come back to install their data points.

Here are some updated pics;

Kitchen with Osprey Stone Benchtops


Main Bathroom
As part of the promo we got upgraded to the handheld in the ensuite however we decided to move it to the main bathroom and upgrade the ensuite to a Dumper, which was being installed yesterday afternoon

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Things have been moving along quickly since our last post, we have now had the rendering completed, the cabinets and vanities have gone in (with one small problem, requiring the main bathroom cabinet to be replaced) and today the painters were at the house.
Here's a few updated photos but the main news is we have been given a PCI date of 14th Dec, we're hoping this means we get in before Christmas!!

Front Render colour Stonecrop, the overhead panelling is still to be painted

Entry door now stained (Dark Oak)

Looking into rumpus from kitchen with stained bifolds, wall colour New Pale Cream
Kitchen Bences (in Snow Elm) ready for bench tops and splashback
Laundry - pre painting (in Snow Elm)
Ensuite - pre painting (& one sink, in Idyllic)
Main bathroom cabinet (to be replaced - in Idyllic)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lockup and beyond

Since I last posted, we have officially met lockup and moved into fixing stage. I've spoken to our S/S yesterday who confirmed that the renderer is scheduled for this week and the carpenter is booked in next week to commence on the internal doors. Next week will also see the architraves completed, with the painter scheduled to start on 7th November!

Here are some updated pics of the interior of the house.

P.S - thanks to those that have left comments, I hope someone else building is able to get something out of the blog

Master Bedroom




Looking into Rumpus 
Main Bathroom

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Approaching lockup

We are fast approaching lock up (which is scheduled for tomorrow) so thought it might be a good time to post some recent pics. Since these were taken we've had electrical rough ins, heating/cooling rough ins and were waiting on confirmation that the rough in for the ducted vacuum had happened.

Also over today and end of tomorrow there are a few minor things to be fixed up as per our independent inspection. So far, we are ahead of schedule and hope it continues like this.

Plastering is due to start next Tuesday 23rd October which we've been told will take about a week. I will be able to update with more pics after our walk through early next week



Master Bedroom complete with electricity box

View from Master Bedroom - WIR on left and ensuite on right

Kitchen with hallway and bathroom in background
Rumpus in background with feature niche wall

Bricks have commenced (Cat 4 - Boral Mocha)



Friday, 5 October 2012

Sunday, 30 September 2012

We have a frame (and windows!)

Since my last post we have had our frame go up, trusses put on, windows installed, completed our independant inspection - carried out by New Home Inspections as well as fascia & guttering and as of today our roof tiles have been delivered ready for laying.

Theo from NHI was brilliant, their service has been great so far and we plan on getting them out again for our Pre-Plaster inspection.

In the meantime, I have obtained a blind quote from Birk Blinds, the new blind provider that are now part of the Porter Davis rewards program and whilst the service so far has been brilliant, the prices seem a little steep for me. I am waiting on a quote from Kresta so I'll see what they come back with and do some comparisons.

The roof cover is scheduled to be completed by the end of this week (weather permitting of course) and here are some updated pics.


 View from the front - looking into the master bedroom on the right


 Looking into the rumpus room - family room window on right, with bi-fold out onto Alfresco

Plumbing in laundry

The roof tiles have been delivered

Sunday, 16 September 2012


So as of Friday we are at Base Complete Stage with our Frame scheduled to commence today. Our SS has advised he expects this to be finished by next Monday when we can then organise our first 'walk through' but with a week of rain in the forecast I seem to think this may take a little longer than anticipated.

Below are some pics to date - if you're happy to look at dirt and concrete!!